Celebrity Chef Scandals: Nigella, Paula, and now, MasterChef

It has been a weird few weeks in the world of celebrity chefs.  All sorts of unfortunate events, scandals, and lawsuits.

First, Nigella Lawson was publicly choked by her husband while at a restaurant.  It was reported that she has since moved out of their home, and I really hope she is getting the support she needs to get out of her apparently abusive marriage.  I adore Nigella, and find her approach to cooking fun and inspirational.   Her husband can call the public assault on his wife a “playful tiff” all he wants; I don’t buy it, and if he treats her like that in public, I shudder to think what he’s like in private.  Nobody deserves that disrespect.  Stay Strong, Nigella, and Move On!

Next, we have Butter Queen Paula Deen, losing her Food Network gig from fallout over her use/allowance of racial epithets.  I am not a huge fan, and totally agreed with Anthony Bourdain when she revealed her diabetes.  I feel bad when anyone loses a job, but Paula probably has a ton of money and will not suffer as much as an average American mom trying to raise a family on a fixed income, so my sympathy is limited.

(OT, here is a totally AMAZING photo of Anthony Bourdain:

Anthony Bourdain is a Sexy Beast

Why yes, I WILL have the Chef’s special tonight, please!)

And finally, we have a sexual harassment issue with Gordon Ramsay and MasterChef.  I have never understood the Gordon Ramsay love.  He seems like a jerk, and I think his food would taste like anger.  I don’t understand how a person can cook without love and I don’t even want to try anything he makes.  His sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know…  I don’t find the harassment claims surprising in the least; I am just surprised that people can see him being verbally abusive on a regular basis and think he will not treat them the same way.  He should hook up with Nigella’s hubby…I bet they would be fast friends!

I can’t remember when I have heard so many celebrity chef scandals all around the same time.  I hope all the hullabaloo settles down quickly and peacefully, and everyone can get back to cooking soon.


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